Work In Progress - Feature

A documentary shot in Taiwan and the United States exploring the relationship between those in the agriculture industry, illuminating the deep connections between food, place, and memory.

2017 - HD, 10 min

Profile on L.A. Chicano artist and photographer, Harry Gamboa Jr. and his portrait series, “Chicano Male Unbonded.”

Produced for KCET & The Autry Museum.

2017 - HD, 8.5 min

“Iron Sprawl” segment about the rise and decline of Los Angeles’s Pacific Electric Railroad.

2016 - HD, 4 min

Two young sons of a shopkeeper learn to get along with each other by confronting a local bully.

Produced in part for the YOMYOMF Interpretations 2.0 Contest.

2015 - HD, 5.5 min

Laid off with little prospects, an unyielding father must drive back to his parents without losing the respect of his rebellious daughter.

2012 - HD, 11 min

Downtown Vancouver, BC in abstract compositions of light, color, and movement.

"A Day At The Science Park"

2011 - HD, 1 min

A collection of one-minute short films created by 60 filmmakers from around the world on the theme of the death of cinema.

Made in part for 2011 European Capital of Culture Tallinn.

2011 - 16mm, 2 min

An electric current of positive and negative.

2010 - HD, 20 min

Two brothers attempt to reconnect in the Taiwan countryside after several years apart.

2010 - 16mm/HD, 8.5 min

A moving canvas of water, soap, and wax.

2008 - S16mm, 16 min

A lone survivor attempts to communicate with others in a rural landscape.


2020: Preserves (醃製) (Feature, Work In Progress)
2017: Artbound: Harry Gamboa Jr “Chicano Male Unbonded” (HD, 10 min)
2017: Lost L.A. Season 2, Episode 3 “Building the Metropolis: Iron Sprawl” (HD, 8.5 min)
2016: Gone Fishing (HD, 4 min)
2015: Frank and Kass (HD, 5.5 min)
2012: Night Falls On Glass (HD, 11 min)
2011: 60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero - Segment "A Day At The Science Park" (HD, 1 min)
2011: The Electric Embrace (16mm, 2 min)
2010: Huan Dao (環島 (HD, 20 min) 
2010: Washes (16mm/HD, 8.5 min)
2008: Monument (S16mm, 16 min)